Amigos Barge (Amigos Wreck) Hol Chan

Amigos Barge (Amigos Wreck) Hol Chan

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Amigo's Wreck

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This used to be of my favourite sites, and fantastic for photography, is the wreck of an old barge located in 70ft of water in front of Shark Alley. It was sunk by Amigo's Del Mar, a local dive operator and is named after them.

As you descend, you are literally surrounded by big groupers, lots and lots of Snappers and GUARANTEED Nurse Sharks. Unlike Shark Ray Alley, where it is only 8ft deep, at the wreck you will be able to get a shark silhouette shot and some great close-ups guaranteed, plus some amazing eye to eye encounters with some big groupers. It’s amazing that this wreck has abundant marine life and is covered with coral growth.
This was definitely one of Ambergris Cayes best dives. Unfortunately it is disintegrating and is less dove now. The Wreck is now located in the marine reserve we ask that you conform to the marine reserve guidelines on all dives conducted in the waters of Belize to preserve and protect our resources for future visitor

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