Max Depth 20m to 30m (66 to 98ft)

Dive site Max Depth 20m to 30m (66 to 98ft)
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You go out to the point and depending on the current will drift either side. Or you can do this dive from the walls either side and go out towards the point. Look out for the Sargassum trigger fish here as they are pretty blue and not anywhere else on the island of Roatan so thats a great find. This site attracts more pelagic s like baracuda and jacks...
Texas Hot
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Amigo's Wreck
This used to be of my favourite sites, and fantastic for photography, is the wreck of an old barge located in 70ft of water in front of Shark Alley. It was sunk by Amigo's Del Mar, a local dive operator and is named after them.
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Diving The Belize Barrier Reef, Eagle Ray Canyon
Known for Eagle Rays.
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Hol-Chan Marine Reserve 5 square miles of protected habitat, makes for some great diving. One of our favorites is Pillar Coral, a 60ft dive with some wonderful Pillar coral formations, great for photography as during this dive there are resident grouper and Snappers that will follow you throughout the dive. It's easy to position them around the Pillar corals giving the opportunity for some great pictures. ...
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Love Tunnels - thanks to
This site is located north of San Pedro and the site got its name as a couple got married in the mouth of this huge tunnel. At a depth of 60ft we swim through the tunnel that comes out on the edge of the drop off at approx. 90ft, due to the unseen approach we have spotted many large pelagic cruising the drop-off, as we exit the tunnel. ...
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8 results - showing 1 - 8