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The most romantic Caribbean destinations

The most romantic Caribbean destinations

There are many romantic places on earth, but it seems that their concentration is highest in the Caribbean region. It comes as no surprise that the travel destinations there are among the most sought after by couples in love, newly-weds and families. So, let us check the places that all those in a romantic mood want to visit. The first spot on our list is the island of Barbados, which has an interesting British atmosphere. Thus, one can expect afternoon tea and garden parties, left car driving and games of cricket. One of the most pleasant places here is the Bathsheba Beach, which must be visited for a great romantic walk. Expect nice places for dining out and luxurious accommodation spots with spa procedures. 

The second romantic spot on our list is the French island of St. Barthelemy. This trendy place is preferred by the rich people and one can find famous faces here. The beaches here are fabulous, the cafes are trendy, the restaurants are fantastic and the hotels are exclusive, luxurious and expensive. Thus, if the couple is on a budget, this is not the place to go to.The third place that deserves to be mentioned is the island of Saint Martin, which is one third Dutch and two-thirds French, so the couple can experience both atmospheres. The beaches here are incredible, the best of them being Dawn Beach, Grand Case, Longue Beach and Orient Beach.  

If the idea of the couple is to have a romantic, but also a relaxed holiday, then Jamaica is the place to go. The reggae music, the dances, the options for diving are just ideal if you dream about real recreation. Another fantastic place with reasonably priced resorts is the Dominican Republic. This destination is perfect for those who love adventures, as there is plenty to be done here. The couple can go hiking and scuba diving, snorkeling and windsurfing. In addition, one can try sailing with humpback whales. Among the finest spots to be checked here is the Cabarete bay, which is great place for windsurfing. For those couples in love that secluded beaches and beautiful scenery, the place to go is the island of Anguilla, which is appreciated by many famous artists and singers. This is a fantastic spot for those who love snorkeling and also for the food connoisseurs, as there are plenty of restaurants with various types of cuisine. 

If the idea of the holiday is to lay on the beach and get great skin complexion, then the couple should head towards Antigua. It is famous for its long sandy beaches, many small and secluded beach zones and great options for watersports. The place though is not very suitable for kids. In case you want an active holiday with parties, shopping, and watersports, then the place to go is Aruba. The island is great for kite surfing, scuba diving and also wind surfing. If diving is the passion of the couple, another great destination for that are the Cayman Islands, which are famous for the crystal water, the great diversity of fish and the tales for the Sunken City of Atlantis.


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