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Essential Packing Tips for Going on Your Caribbean Cruise Ship Holiday


The Caribbean is a delightful location – a selection of white sand beaches; palm trees; holiday resorts; and nature reserves. It's islands vary in size and makeup, but the laid-back attitude is common to all. It’s where you go when you want to get the benefit of sun, sea and sand without the crowds or the overt tourism.

Clearly there is tourism in the Caribbean, of course – it’s just of a slightly different order. Where mainstream package tourism is often crowded and not very relaxing, the price mark-up on a Caribbean tour ensures that a higher level of service and experience is usually achieved.

If you’ve never been on a Caribbean cruise before, you’ll need some packing tips. You’ve got a smart luggage set; you’ve got the guide book – now, apart from that guide book of course, what do you put in your cases?

Packing for the Caribbean

Let’s start with the basics. Sun cream (sun tan lotion), after sun cream, and mosquito and insect repellent. Don’t underestimate the power of the tropical sun, which can have you blistered in less than an hour. If you’re British, you’re not used to it for sure. Take sun cream with a factor around 25% stronger than you think you need. SPF50 and above should do the trick. You can start to reduce to 30 and 15, don't risk just 30 initially.

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