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Hospitality at its best at Resorts And Hotels At The Bay Islands

Hospitality at its best at Resorts And Hotels At The Bay Islands
Hospitality at its best at Resorts And Hotels In The Bay Islands
One of the most perfect destinations is Roatan in the Bay Islands. Besides this you can also find some great accommodation facilities at the other islands like Utila, Guanaja and Cayos Cochinos. You can get cozy rooms to stay and privacy can be availed at the cabanas. Air conditioning, (excellent room service ?), telephone, television, tea + coffee makers, refrigerators and lots of other facilities are provided in the ultra clean rooms often with tile or wood flooring. Most of the hotels and resorts in the Bay Islands are well maintained and pretty. A feature of resorts in fact for many of the rooms is also to have a hammock and patio assuring every guest a great relaxing time. Just make sure to get your insect repelant as a hammock can contain no-seeums the sand fleas that will bite you ! Not fatal of course but it leaves a most unsightly red mark and bump.
Finest Services ?
Why do I keep adding the question markas against the service levels here. You will get ultra friendly service but its often slow and thats just the way it is when comparing it to US standards. Typically the following is the same for all hotels and resorts in the bay islands. The reception teams are warm, friendly, always smiling and very informative. They  take great pleasure in showing the guests around. Tourists can have an amazing time and hang out at any of the laid back ‘resorts’. Many of the resorts provide the ‘island’ feel you prefer. At every kind of accommodation whether it is the hotel type larger accommodation or the Caribbean type smaller accommodation, there are private gardens found at the Bay Island Resorts.
Beautiful Beachfronts To Access
The crowds are existant only on west bay in Roatan (the most popular island) during public holidays but their is still space to be found. Otherwise beaches are  not crowded and you could be the only ones especially if on the remote cays of Utila or the smaller islands. But crowds too can be great fun (make new friends playing beach volleyball). At the resorts, diving centers are also available you can find a list of them on this site Caribbean Diving. Delicious food whether it is international cuisine or the local cuisine, are served at the hotels and resorts at the Bay Islands resturants - the smaller ones will do local only food. Water taxi services are also available from many of the beaches on Roatan which are worth using since its a fun inexpensive way to save time in the heat. Scuba diving, snorkeling and other water based activities can also be enjoyed at various resorts like other of the Caribbean Islands but perhaps the tourism in the Bay Islands has grown from this industry mostly. Dive professionals are also available who help to make the diving experience most enjoyable for tourists and experienced divers alike. Again research our specific scuba diving guides per island on this site.
Find A List Of Recommended Resorts And Hotels

In gorgeous garden settings or by the pool or in air conditioned restaurants you can find time to let time pass. A good place to watch the sunset is in the west end village in Roatan there head for sundowners or the blue marlin.

Those who do not wish to go diving can relax on the beaches and enjoy the nice warm sun a plenty otherwise there are many land based activities like horse riding or ziplining. A good idea would be to first look up the internet to get an idea of some exclusive resorts and hotels at the island you wish to visit. You will find a list of a number of recommended hotels and resorts where the best of accommodation, drinks and food is served.

Check The Weather Chart Online
To get an idea of the climatic or weather conditions at the preferred Bay Island, you can always look up the weather chart on the internet before planning a trip to the islands. If you are looking for particular resorts only then you could even look up rankings of various resorts on the web and accordingly make a decision on the type of resort you want to stay in on reaching the Bay Islands. Once you make the first trip to any of the islands in the Caribbean you are sure to make many more annual trips to the beautiful island in the future too. With increasing numbers getting attracted to the region, there are now many hotels and resorts of your choice to access at the Bay Islands and that too at rates you can afford.
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