Antigua Sea Snail

I feel the need to repaint a different picture at least for what exists currently (online anyway) of Diving in Antigua. I am yet to visit and dive Barbuda - a smaller less visited island. This article will focus on the bigger more developed main island - ANTIGUA ! It may be that diving is very different in Barbuda and harder to plugin and play indeed there are no dive operators on Barbuda..


I have dived both the west coast and south coasts over the years and feel that a good online description is called for after some pretty unfair refferences to diving in Antigua. Check out this blog post on diving in Antigua that is a better reflection of the truth.

The diving might not be dramatic though there are some fatastic sites with healthy corals and fish life. On one dive today I learnt what don meant by lobster condominium - I counted over 24 lobsters that I could spot in 2 cracks and I have never seen anything like this before. I will try and get footage of this next time. Today I dived sans camera to just enjoy..

First dive was blacks 3 second was blacks...something anyway max depth was 19.8 m according to mares nemo. Highlights of the first dive was a good sized baraccuda and lobster condos ! But also saw spotted drummer fish and got to play hide and seek with peackock flounder there were other sightings and I forgot how prevalent flamingo tongues were here. On dive 2 there were a smaller sting ray and a good sized one just hanging out I got nice and close and cruised by his porch on the sand - it was another great diving moment there was a cool swim through that was an overhead environment giving some challenge and shelter for the smaller shoals that like these kinds of places. And this was just 2 dives so far. Will be out again on Saturday.

Dive operators in Antigua.

Indigo Divers in Jolly Harbour (for west side diving)