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Devil's Bridge Antigua

When to visit Antigua ?

A bit more on when to visit Antigua: A busy month is August as its peak for the British families who come over and stay in the Resorts and Jolly Harbour complex of condos and villas. A lot of the villa owners stay these months (that are not that popular with the Canadians and Americans) in their own places as it is a long school holiday. For the North Americans they start to arrive around Christmas and this goes through to the regata in April when the season starts to get a bit hotter and wetter and leads towards the huricane season.


Scuba diving Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua may have more concentrated diving, but the majority of the wrecks can be found off Barbuda. It's almost impossible to organise diving in Barbuda at the moment as there is no dive shop due to lack of demand.The west and south west coast of Antigua is the epicentre (Cades Reef among other spots) but the south coast offers great water quality and fun too for diving the South we recommend seeing don in Extreme Marine, and Indigo Divers for doing some of the west side.

Barbuda's wrecks are hard to dive without getting some local to fill you a tank and organsiing your own boat. Popular dive sites are Cade's Reef off the southwest tip of Antigua and sunken rock off of the south coast. Dive sites are usually close by, short boat trips. The ride is a bit rocky and thats at any time of year.

Antigua is a great place to learn to dive all things considered, pool sessions and shallow calm dives for the beginner.

The best time to visit for the best visibility and diving conditions is in the winter from November through to March.

Getting around Antigua

Getting around Antigua can be hard so you need to plan before you arrive read this to prepare - see this guide to getting around the island.

If you need a cheap Taxi check out this page for Raymonds Taxi Service.

If you need some real tough to find information the official tourist office in St Johns will probably let you down ! But could help !! they are at the Government Complex on Queen Elizabeth Highway telephone 268/462-0480 (the 268 is Antiguas country code) We suggest you check out Antigua Guide which is a great blog - they will answer your questions.

To dial abroad while in Antigua you will need to prefix the entire international number with 011.

Hurricane season is considered to be in June to September which often brings no Hurricane but the wet season. You will find the rains hopefully normally short heavy and refreshing allowing the hot days to cool down.
There have been only 3 hurricanes since 1944 just one every 21 years!
Check here for some info