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With over 700 different islands, an average water temperature that ranges between 75 and 85 degrees and approximately 1,000 dive sites, the Bahamas is considered the ultimate magical underwater playground for scuba divers of all skill levels. The Bahamas boast spectacular diving locations, including various historic shipwrecks just waiting for you to explore.


Ron Dives the Bahama Mama Shark Dive Video

One of the most popular wreck diving destination spots in the world is the breathtaking Bahama Mama shipwreck. Located off New Providence Island, this 95-foot party cruise ship was intentionally sunk for divers back in January of 1995. This ship now lies on the sandy ocean floor about 50 feet below the water`s surface.

When a ship sinks in a somewhat barren location, the local marine life starts using the wreck for protection and as breeding grounds. The Bahama Mama is now home to a large number of reef sharks, a fact that thrills both sport divers and shark photographers alike.

If you decide to go shark diving around the Bahama Mama, the advice is to go with a dive company certified by the Bahamas Diving Association. This association ensures that its members follow approved safety guidelines and provide a controlled environment for interacting with sharks.

Once you`re through exploring the Bahama Mama wreck, you could also dive at some of the nearby attractions. The Ray of Hope is located close to the Bahama Mama and also offers the chance for you to observe some of the local marine life. Just next to the wreck is a coral head that hosts a large variety of eels, including the large green moray eel.

The Tongue-of-the-Ocean is a wall that drops dramatically to a 6,000-foot, deep ocean trench. Pristine shallow reef gardens grow at the top of this wall, offering snorkelers and shallow divers a chance to see various reef fish and moray eels.

Nassau is the capital of New Providence Island and many divers make this city their home base while wreck diving. Nassau offers numerous local dining venues and casinos so that you can relax after spending a day in the water.

You must be certified to dive in the Bahamas, but certification courses can be completed in just two days. Certified scuba instructors are available to train beginning divers to safely glide through shipwrecks. Experienced divers can also take a dive refresher course with a licensed dive company before exploring the Bahama Mama location.

The ocean surrounding New Providence Island is warm enough that you typically won`t need a wetsuit, but you might consider wearing a thin one during the rainy season from November through February. The local dive shops can rent you masks and fins, but it`s always best to bring your own diving equipment to ensure the proper fit.

Diving the wreck of the Bahama Mama is an exhilarating experience that you will never forget. In fact, some vacationers enjoy diving in this region so much that they decide to make a lifetime adventure out of it. Those considering moving to this area to experience year-round diving adventures should check out the immigration rules before making a permanent, life-altering change.