• Dominica Scuba Diving

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    The best dive sites in Dominica 

    Dominica's diving differs from those Caribbean Islands with sloping shallow patch reefs. Here you have hot volcanic action dictating the topography evident above and below the surface.

    Nutrients getting washed down from the mountains above feed the massive barrel sponges and they help feed the reef and so on. There are some deep drop offs here that technical divers might appreciate sport divers will just have to look down ! Danglebens Pinnacles is a site with a series of 5 pinnacles rising from 100 feet up to 25 ft covered in wonderful coral.

    When to go? It's best visited from Christmas time through to June to avoid the rain for whatever kind of holiday as you may know rain doesnt help with diving visibility.

  • Scuba Diving in Bonaire

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    Bonaire, a tiny island located below the hurricane belt in the southern Caribbean, enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the shore diving capital of the world. In fact, the license plates of this special Dutch municipality proudly proclaim Bonaire as Diver’s Paradise and with good reason.

    With miles and miles of accessible shoreline and a fringing coral reef that circles the entire island, scuba divers visiting Bonaire enjoy an independence and freedom not found in most dive destinations. In fact, divers can enjoy more than 60 marked dive sites without ever stepping foot on a dive boat. The only things required to take full advantage of Bonaire’s world-class shore diving are a rental truck, a good pair of hard-soled dive booties and an adventurous spirit.

  • Your Guide to Scuba Diving the Dominican Republic

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    Dominican Republic Diving Locations

    The Dominican Republic’s underwater world offers exceptional reef diving and snorkelling, incredible clear water and a variety of colourful marine life. In fact the country is often listed as one of the top diving locations in the Caribbean. Visitors can explore centuries old shipwrecks on the countries north coast , or take advantage of the warm , protected waters of the south. While the Dominican Republic is a haven for experienced divers most all inclusive hotels offer lessons and certification for those interested in learning more about the act. The average water temperature is between 25-29 degrees c or 76-82 degrees faranheight.