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Puerto Rico has some fantastic beaches and great Caribbean Resorts. Puerto Rico home to a new breed or regaton mega star such as Calle 13 and various others Regaton is said to have been born here. If you like your Caribbean Island to have a bit more excitment then Puerto Rico is perhaps for you. It has great bars and nightclubs and casinos if you struggle to spend your money in those. But it has also its share of beauty such as El Yuque's rain-forest. There are also fantastic beaches and the Mona Island home of the Mona Iguana, but also turtles and sea birds. Puerto Rico is also a golfer's paradise having 20 courses to choose from. All water sports are catered for including Surfing !

Size : 9,104 sq kilometres.
Population : 3,927,188
Main City : San Juan
Language : Spanish and English
Currency : USD

Diving :There are countless diving sites around Puerto Rico. The most more popular are made near Desecheo Island off Rincón, off Mona Island, 50 miles west of Mayaguez, and off Culebra and Vieques.

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09 September 2015
Puerto Rico
Go visit and stay in Viejo San Juan (VSJ). as there are more options of things to do (dine and discover) and you probably won’t miss the Condado beach in all honesty unless you want that. This mini article is also applicable to you if you are s...
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