We want you to enjoy the beauty and splendour that is St Lucia.

One of the attractions fo St Lucia over other islands is perhaps the variety and number of things to do. I really can't imagine that anyone would get bored in 2 weeks here. There are adventure style activities like biking challenges, motorised ATV tours and more traditional tours like island tours and horse riding.

By Scott Bateman

St. Lucia is a beautiful gem of an island in the southeast part of the Caribbean Sea that almost guarantees relaxation on miles of great beaches.
It may not be surprising that one of the towns on the island is named Sapphire.

St. Lucia attracts nearly an equal number of people who visit via cruise or who simply go there to stay a week or more. Cruise visitors will arrive at the Castries harbor and immediately see why the island has one of the best landscapes in the Caribbean. The harbor is surrounded by tree-filled hillsides, and if visitors arrive at the right time of year, they will see plenty of flowers in bloom as well among both the trees and the orange-red rooftops of nearby homes and buildings.

We have selected some of the more interesting sites to dive if you get the chance ask your dive operator about doing them.

St Lucia Flag
St Lucia
a sizeable chunk in the azure ocean (14 miles wide and 27 miles long) that is the Caribbean has a hilly interior that is a paradise for many. The peaks that make St Lucia famous separate fishing villages often so take your time exploring perhaps get married here or just enjoy a secluded beach that could be every bit as memorable. Sitting between St Vincent and Martinique it is a Windward Isle. Its famous for it's twin piton peaks but visit the Diamond Waterfalls that cascade through six stages of fall. Visit the the 18th century ruins of a structure commissioned by Louis XIV as there are mineral baths here.