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Scuba diving offers a completely different experience from what you're used to seeing and doing. It's considered as one of the best leisure sports that are open for just about anyone and everyone. Its popularity is ever increasing because more and more beach resorts are offering diving lessons for their visitors.

What most people don't know is that scuba diving brings benefits that affect a person physically, psychologically, and even spiritually. Interested in finding out what these are? Read on and find out!

scuba diving relaxes

Editors note : There is a caveat to the following paracgraph : Don't expect to get a cardiovascular workout if you are already quite fit - indeed if scuba diving is taxing then it is a sign you are really quite unfit. You can't really dive effectively if you are at all stressed and the idea is to expend as little energy as possible so this is why I am at odds with the following para. You should be trying to dive in such a way to not need oxygen as this drains your tank. Even on the most demnding dives where sometimes you fight the current as is sometimes needed not recommended you can't do this all dive or your dive will be 20 minutes. BUT I big time know that something happens to relax the body when you go diving already we know about the MAMALIAN DIVE REFLEX

Scuba diving has a host of physical benefits. First of all, your muscles are pushed harder compared to regular workouts. Because water has a natural resistance and you are floating in it, you will naturally push your body to go against it. This fact ensures that you will have a total body workout since you will need to use your whole body in scuba diving, with your arms and legs in constant motion. Furthermore, carrying the equipment will work out your upper body strength, while kicking and finning will develop your lower body. Diving will also be able to increase your lung capacity and improve your breathing. Being underwater will force you to inhale and exhale deeper, which will improve the state of your lungs. Scuba diving can also improve your circulation and lower your blood pressure. The cardiovascular workout you will be getting from the exercise will bring more oxygen to your organs, which will increase your heart rate and improve the blood flow. The best part is, you won't even notice all of these happening, because you will be too busy enjoying the marine life all around you! You will also be enjoying emotional, psychological, and mental benefits when you go scuba diving. Perhaps the biggest benefit it can give in this aspect is stress relief, a feature that a lot of people desperately want in this fast-paced age. As you have probably heard of already, watching fish in an aquarium has calming qualities. Now, imagine just how stress relieving it can be to find yourself actually experiencing marine life all around you.

Diving also makes everyone equal. It doesn't really matter how beautiful, tall, strong, or rich you are. When you are underwater, everyone is all the same. Even those who are physically impaired can experience the feeling of weightlessness and see the beauty that is undiscovered by a lot of people. Your focus and concentration will also be improved when scuba diving. The sport requires your complete and total attention. A simple mistake can lead to major consequences. Paying more attention to what your body is telling you will make you more self-aware. The experience will make you appreciate the environment as well. You will feel the privilege of being one of the few people blessed enough to see the beauty offered by the deep sea. These features make scuba diving transcend from being a mere exercise program to something deeper and more spiritual. These reasons explain why those who have started scuba diving have never dropped the sport once they picked it up, because they end up taking home so many things from the experience.

Editors Note : AMEN !