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Welcome to the Caribbean an amazingly untouched beauty awaits. Welcoming people and amazing activities to transform you in mind body and spirit.


“One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright…let’s get together and feel alright” An excerpt from the legendary- Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley). Dating back far in history, Jamaica has many genre of music and have seen many artist come and go who have made their mark, promote the growth of the music and help to build the country. Jamaican music from earlier times was mainly based on life issues and experiences and as much, it carried a lot of emotional and touchy feelings that both singers and listeners could relate to personally. Because of its content and the beat that is associated with it, persons from all over the world are easily captivated by it and become really addicted. Reggae is a renowned worldwide feature that has the ability to pull so many people from all walks of life. It is a genuinely natural heartbeat pump that somehow knows how to pull persons towards it. It also has such positive impact on everyone who has come in contact with it that a whole month here in Jamaica has being dedicated and deemed “reggae month”-February. It is also a representational and significant month too as the legend Bob Marley was born this month. Reggae is a core Jamaican music wrapped around the likes of Ska (a fast popular music originating in Jamaica around the 1960s) and Mento (a beat of folk rhythm originating from a dance style) as overtime stretched its banks and has also influenced other forms of music. A few foundation reggae artists are persons like the late Bob Marley, Bob Andy, Buju Banton, Ken Boothe, Etana, Queen Ifrica, Taurus Riley, Jimmy Riley, and Morgan’s Heritage among so many others. They have songs which based on the lyrics and contents are related naturally to everyday living and lifestyle.

This foundation music has also influenced the beats of another world renowned music Genre, Gospel. This is music which has its contents centered on Christ Jesus and many artist have linked their way of producing this music kind like that of reggae-heartfelt and lifestyle linked. Also, reggae has become so strong overtime that the birth of another popular music genre now hitting the world was developed from it. Many persons here in Jamaica and around the world have gravitated to the hit dancehall music. This is a form of reggae but not with the same root digging lyrics as it differs mainly in:

-          Content

-          Musical beat

-          Popularity

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Vacation Activities To Do In Jamaica

Your vacation is your time to do whatever you want, how you feel like and when you feel like. You are paying for your time, your fun and excitement and totally in charge of you. No one to boss you around and ultimately demand of you. But to get the most out of you “me time” experience, the first and last stop is definitely Jamaica. There are so many fascinating options to choose from to satisfy your fantasy and desires. Whether it be water-based activities or dry land activities, you are up for nothing but the best. Visiting Jamaica gives you the opportunity to experience the fun of:

Scuba DivingTouringHikingWater-based Activities

   Scuba Diving     

Because Jamaica is located in the midst of the Caribbean sea, accessing the deep blue ocean is easy from every edge of the Island. Having the ability to experience from first hand view what its like to live below sea level and what the life of a sea creature is like. Jamaica is indeed the safest place in the world to enjoy the best of Scuba Diving because for safety of divers, they ensure training was pre-done or is assigned to new divers in ensuring they are well adapted to the apparatuses for the process. There are many divers club available in Jamaica for persons who seek further information or who need to learn the core process of doing the activity. Here in Jamaica, there is no need to ride in a submarine all the time as it only is a limited access to the real deal. Scuba Diving with the most professional divers in the world, the fascinating beaches of Jamaica allow for physical contact with real life ocean’s fishes, reefs, corals and all other particles existing below the sea and what the sea base has to offer. The depth of the Jamaican seas on its coastlines allows for ease of diving because the lengthy stretch is only limited when it hits the coastline of another sea floating Caribbean Island.


Do you like horseback riding along the windy beaches or through the densest of nature? What’s that…you never experienced such? You are certainly missing out on the best experience then that could ever be offered and Jamaica is the only place to provide the most unique and fun filling. Going to the oldest and most historical destination across the Island with lots of treasuries being passed as you go along to adore and cherish; foundation destinations which dates back to the deepest history and discovery of this blessed country. Whether it be by the traditional horseback riding, air travel to view the country’s geographical features or travelling by road transportation to see the earthly physical beauty of the terrains of the Island. Jamaica may be small in size but through touring point to point, you will definitely see more than expected.

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Attraction Sites In Jamaica

After long periods of deliberating where to spend that long awaited vacation, you finally decide on a place where you know all your dreams, desires and fantasies will be fulfilled. There are so many “name acclaimed” places to do this but certainly not all have the ability to satisfy their guest. If there is that one place you wish to get your money’s worth and much more, then Jamaica is definitely the place to be. From fascinating dry land attractions heading out into the deep blue sea, from joyous experiences of high-rising enjoyments to the solid stance of the earth; you are bound to feel the touch of the core giving of “The land of wood and water”. There are certainly endless amounts of sites to visit and what better time to do this than when it is the only thing you planned for-a vacation to remember. Since vacation is a time of relaxation, what better place to do this than in the feelings of the warm tropical sunshine, stretched across the sandy beaches of:

Aquasol Theme Park

A white sandy beach situated in one of the most tourists populated areas of Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay, Jamaica. It is not located too far outside of the town. Its enticing welcome portrays the experience of a “fun in the sun” or “fun in the cool” time. The atmosphere is always fresh and certainly never a dull moment when you visit here; with the sound of the rushing waves dashing against the shore line or the trees waving its leaves and branches or the echoing sound of the world’s number one music selection, the best of the real Jamaican reggae sounds. The melody simple flows through with a sweet smelling fragrance of happiness. From a personal standpoint, relaxing on the cool stretch of a over 7-mile sandy area, getting the personal serenade from players of some of Jamaica’s oldest musical instruments has certainly made it felt like paradise.

There are more than enough activities to keep you company occupied who never planned on the cool quiet moment like you may have planned. There are activities like go-cart driving for the young and the young at heart (older folks too), areas for sporting activities like tennis, volleyball or beach football among many others. And let’s not forget the on-the-beach massage sessions by trained professionals.

However, if you wish to be up and about but still in the need to get all wet and not necessarily through simple relaxation, then trying the great fantasy pleaser Dunn’s River Falls or the Apple Valley Theme Park is among the best choices.

Dunn’s River Falls

With water gushing down a high-raised rock in a fall formation, its mere physical beauty is strong enough to captivate your whole being. With the heating temptation of wanting to climb atop is only being denied by the person themselves. You are free to go ahead and climb to whatever distance you wish knowing you are safe in all aspects of fun. Situated in the Island’s Garden Parish, St. Ann, there is never a dull moment experienced in the complete journey fulfillment and endless sensation.

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