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Welcome to the Caribbean an amazingly untouched beauty awaits. Welcoming people and amazing activities to transform you in mind body and spirit.

This blog category is for articles that have tips and general advice on shooting underwater. Technology is changing the way this subject is happening but some of the old tips still remain.

Lighting Lighting Lighting  - but don't give up there if you dont want to get too expensive or techy. Have a look at the intro guide and some of the videos you might be surprised at what a couple of hundred quid can get you. It might also reinvigorate your passion for diving.

Learn along with me - White Balance and how to correct it

At the moment I dont know what white balance is exactly. But I do know it is important and helps make your shots look great. The good news is that you can alter it later. Shoot in raw and then expect to do this or manually set it with a white slate or diving tank as the 'test area' at differing depths.

here are some links from people that know more than me

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