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Always disappointed always learning...

I took a good while to again get familiar with adobe after effects during the making of this short video that had almost everything in it. Sharks topped the order then it was familiar friends and some less known guys like puffer fish and spoted drums. There was some nich schooling action going on which I caught a bit of. A massive lobster that didnt make it into the video due to time of all things.

Problems I had were in keeping the go pro steady and getting enough light on the subject to allow the colours to come through. Publishing the colour correction via adobe after effects was a lot faster than using photoshop I noticed and my flow was this 

trim the footage in gopro studio (I think would skip this step next time !!! BIG TIP)take that footage into after effects (its great to get the zoom control and I played with using some stabilization like on the Barracuda)lay the after effects exports using imovie (not using adobe premiere as imovie works great for me)

See the video here :

So its the old two steps of working on clips that get to be part of the bigger story when you remove the first step above. I used to use adobe premiere for that last step but pushed for time imovie does well. I loose some control but thats fine for this. As I sy the footage was a little dissapointing so burning more time is not going to happen. It's cheap and chearful ll the way :)

Here is a non colour edited version - a red filter helps avoid the post processing work and gives better results generally but the filter requirments changes depending on depth too.

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I have also heard that you can shoot in raw () if you dont and need to correct white balance then check out this video for that an... Read More
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 13:18
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Bimini Aerial Video : Caribbean Way of Life

Just a nice way to view the Bahamas and Bimini - if your in any doubt what it might be like then spoiler alert - DONT WATCH THIS NOW !

Caribbean Video Production Services are available now with wonderful GPS controlled Quads at a fraction of the cost of traditional helicopter. The art that is photography is still a requirement so don't think you can just do it yourself. It's cheap enough anyway to get some real unique footage for you're Caribbean Interest.



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Learn along with me - White Balance and how to correct it

At the moment I dont know what white balance is exactly. But I do know it is important and helps make your shots look great. The good news is that you can alter it later. Shoot in raw and then expect to do this or manually set it with a white slate or diving tank as the 'test area' at differing depths.

here are some links from people that know more than me

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