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Caribbean Wedding Packages and Destinations

cuba wedding

The article is going to focus on wedding destinations in 8 Caribbean islands: Barbados, Belize, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Panama and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Barbados Weddings

 Rihanna, the sensational Bajan (Barbadan) singer, was born here which gives the island an international appeal. The spaces to the most coveted and fancy hotels are half an hour from the hangar, and fifteen minutes from the capital. To get espoused in Barbados, you would need some authenticated documents such as passports, birth certificates, and you should check with your point of contact at the hotel or resort for more conventionality. Of course you probably have a Caribbean Wedding Package which includes a wedding planner to help.

Barbados has landscaped homestead gardens and plantation style houses where weddings take place. You would find flower forests or flowerets, and then there is a garden world. There are idyllic pools at all properties.

One can even indulge in Golf when one gets some free time in between ceremonies. Same goes for fitness and vigorous individuals. There is aerobics, Zumba or Pilates/yoga if your exercise regimen is so strict that you do not miss it for a day.

Then for the younger generation, there is ice hockey (Icetopia Skating Rink in Wildey, Barbados), pool tables, and computer games but you can't beat the beach too and all the watersports you can imagine. There are wildlife reserves, limestone caves , sunny beaches and ocean breezes.

You should know that there are garden settings for up to 70 people and beach weddings for your groups and family too.

The Avante Garde bars speak of great management and style. Some such bars would be Harbor lights and Mullins beach bar. There is also butler elite service or the gold standard butlers. For the wild men, and women attending the wedding there are secret cocktail parties to unwind the pressure built up with the wedding. In the middle, you could host wine tasting classes for women who consider themselves a class apart. There is good reggae ambience, and in the midst, you can make and drink rum. This rum dates back 350 years. The island is littered with unpretentious rum shacks which are worth a mention.

One such hotel which provides the above services would be the Tamarind hotel. This hotel provides a free planning service. Sandylane, the second best hotel takes care of everything from paperwork to paper mats and all the wedding planning inbetween.

The bridal squad can buy decorative embellishments. There is also what is called customizable gift registry. The friends thus can contribute to the wedding fund because in a blink and miss moment your friends and you would be on the other side of life. Now, no wedding is complete without shopping. Your shoes should be British, and so should your intricate jewellery. Men can opt for cotton with a regal touch, and buy swimwear from Ralph Lauren, and sunglasses from Persol. The rest of the designer wear can be bought duty-free. Barbados is not very expensive as a wedding destination.

Belize weddings

These weddings are legal around the world. The application takes 5 - 6 weeks time, no blood test required, two witnesses, and proof of citizenship. In fact usually the rules are even more lax than this around the Caribbean region however the weddings are perfectly legal.

The climate is warm and pleasant throughout the year. Expect wedding festivities with a gentle breeze, expect some rain showers, conch shells, ring pillows, scattering petals falling from above, circulating the air with rose fragrance.

You could shop for a floor-length veil and bridal jewellery. Low necklines demand dangling earrings. Tie your hair in an elegant twisted side bun.

You would need a local photographer with knowledge and experience of the pre-wedding shoot, engagement, and wedding shoots.

One unique idea for animal lovers is that you can take your small pup with you to attend the wedding on the island. We wonder if this could catch on to other wedding destinations. 

Antigua Weddings


Antigua Wedding Planner Guide

There is a lot to think about when planning the magical day. Getting married in Antigua is not complicated but planning can make it even better. Getting Married in Antigua with Best Antigua.

Antigua has many awards over the years as a wedding destination under the sun. The beaches are stupendous allowing you to get the best photographs and video of your special day. The resorts have a lot of experience with organising weddings and making your day special. You can elect to get a terrific wedding package as part of your resort deal. If you have the money and are very busy you might like to engage the services of a Wedding Planner.

Cuba Weddings are Trending

Havana the capital of Cuba is a well-known name.

There are cathedrals. A 'white-house' called the Capitolio which just a teeny weeny bit bigger than the actual white house on purpose. There is art, there is architecture, there is culture, there is heritage, and then there is music and dancing. There are vintage cars (bellairs Cadillac's etc) parked parallel on each side of the road. This wedding island speaks of authenticity, and though much is not ultra modern don't let that dissuade you. Not just the food but the music is also a la carte typical Cuban music too. Your best man and bridesmaid could be the Disc Jockey for the night!


Amazing scenery and sunshine, value for money but some language barriers as not everyone speaks English. You can find something for most all budgets.

People usually choose their civil and legal marriage someplace else in their hometown, and the festivities continue in France. Indeed this is a popular place for French couples to get married in.

There is something for everyone in Guadeloupe - proud parents, siblings and friends, acquaintances, neighbours, and colleagues. 

Dominican Republic

With more than just the wedding thrills, the Dominican Republic or 'Dom Rep' as it's known has a lot to offer. It is considered a value for money destination among it's neighbors. There are many things to do:

Theatre (many islands don't have one), hiking, nature, yoga, dance lessons, golf, horseback riding, casinos, and babysitting. It is well known for kite and windsurfing in Cabarette. A Beach bonfire here is idyllic. For the local cigar lovers, there is a tobacco factory tour, for others, there is the ocean world where one gets to meet dolphins and sea lions or dive below the waters with scuba equipment.

The most thrilling aspect of a wedding in the Dominican Republic is a mosaic of secret resort and spas. Private villas can be hired for each family, and for each group of friends. There are three dimensions to this wedding fare scheme. One is diamond, one is emerald, and the last is ruby.

Dominican Republic is LGBT friendly. 

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Known as the spice isle Grenada is popular with those who like all inclusive Caribbean destinations. There is an interesting law in Grenada which is that one has to stay on the island for at least three days before they get a marriage license. This is a good idea anyway for all tropical destinations as for the perfect wedding photos you need to be thinking of getting the ideal sun tan. Wedding photos showing strap lines or burning are not what you need.

For music, there are steel drums, and your friends and family all high on island life can enjoy Grenada and your dream wedding.

The heartwarming tradition of the people of Grenada being that two soul mates mixing sands of different colours into a jar and that sand jar signifies the unity of the two souls that met. 


Panama is accessible from North America. The currency of Panama and US dollars have the same exchange rates. The sunset over the Pacific can lead to some beautiful memories.  

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Hard to reach islands which have a very real exclusivity due to this fact. You will need to take a ferry to get to the island. Every hotel has a ballroom where you can practice your wedding dance. 

A happy married life..

The Caribbean stretches it's charm and beauty to each soul who has gotten a lucky chance to visit the islands more-so couples having been wed there! In this beautiful place, you can even get your vows renewed maybe after 20, 30, or 50 years of holy matrimony. The Caribbean would give you a relishing experience of romanticism.

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Guest - Anton Roeback on Wednesday, 23 May 2018 21:19

I loved Barbados when I went and always thought that would be the place to get married in other islands like Antigua are interesting. I know many go to the Seychelles and Italy are also popular choices.
Tuscany is very good, I think the caribbean though has the top spot- steel drums and rum punches. I just am addicted the the Caribbean.

I [b]loved Barbados[/b] when I went and always thought that would be the place to get married in other islands like Antigua are interesting. I know many go to the Seychelles and Italy are also popular choices. Tuscany is very good, I think the caribbean though has the top spot- steel drums and rum punches. I just am addicted the the Caribbean.
Guest - midwestjewellery (website) on Friday, 18 October 2019 08:44

Barbados is a great place we really like your article.

Barbados is a great place we really like your article.
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