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Dreams Come True At Guanaja Island In The Caribbean

Dreams Come True At Guanaja Island In The Caribbean
Dreams Come True At Guanaja Island In The Caribbean
Whether it is Utila, Cayos Cochinos, Guanaja, Honduras or Roatan in the Caribbean you can make your dream come true with a memorable cruising experience. In the Caribbean is located a beautiful bay island called Guanaja, around 70 kilometers off Honduras’s northern coast. From Roatan it is located at a distance of 12 kilometers. There are a lot of waterways that run through Guanaja island, due to which it is densely populated. Savannah Bight and Mangrove Bight are the two main settlements on the island. Both Savannah Bight and Mangrove Bight towns are linked by one single small road. Water taxis are the main mode for transportation. b2ap3_thumbnail_Guanaja--Island-1.jpg
Things To Enjoy
The small and beautiful resorts cater to adventurer travelers, snorkelers and divers. Thousands of people visit the island to enjoy the clear, fresh and warm waters, the wide open spectacular beaches the extensive and magnificent coral reef on all sides and waterfalls at the island. There is a beautiful rock peak, coral reef and lots of water based activities for tourists to enjoy at this island. Shrimping and fishing are the primary activities and source of income for the Guanaja islanders. Pine and conifer trees are largely grown at Guanaja Island. The islanders speak mainly English. Most of the people live at the Bonacca Cay which is located at a distance of 300 meters off the main island. b2ap3_thumbnail_thinks-To-Enjoy.jpg
Incredible Rock Peak
Guanaja Island is popular for the Michael Rock Peak that stands at a height of 1350 feet making it the tallest peak in the Bay Islands. Tourists in thousands visit this incredible rock peak for hiking and viewing the beautiful Caribbean Sea. It is the seclusion feature that makes Guanaja a special island. Tourists can make the most of the dedicated and upscale hotel resorts and dive resorts located at many of the isolated destinations around Guanaja island. Boats can be used to access the resorts. Once your reach the island you can feel assured of a unique relaxing and private experience at the exotic island. A lot is offered at the island in terms of activities. b2ap3_thumbnail_Rock_Peak.jpg
The Mestizo Reef
The Mestizo Reef that has been newly inaugurated, the wrecks, the healthy reefs, volcanic caverns and the pinnacles are various things you can enjoy at the dive sites of the island. Mestizo Reef is a new site for diving located at around 65ft water. A 16th century bell, Spanish cannons, various objects, vases and genuine artifacts, a partial wreck of a ship, life sized statues of a local Indian chief, Lempira and Christopher Columbus surround this reef. Ancient Mayan artifacts, huge waterfalls, bars and restaurants in island style etc can also be enjoyed at this destination. Scuba diving is a great experience to have at Guanaja island. The marine life, sponges and corals are simply amazing. b2ap3_thumbnail_Mestizo_Reef.jpg
Diving And Cruising
Divers from across the world come to the island to see the huge whale sharks. If you do not like diving then off the beach, a numbers of snorkel tours are also arranged. Kayaking, hiking, fishing, exploring and diving are the other activities tourists can enjoy at the island. Those looking to learn diving can also take up a one day diving course with many of the diving instructors available at the diving resorts at Guanaja. Many of the cruise ships stop at the ports of the Bay Islands, including Guanaja, Honduras, Roatan, Cayos Cochinos and Utila to enjoy the natural scenic beauty. In the Caribbean these are the favorite destinations not only for diving and other water based activities but also for cruising. Tourists are given ample time to go around sightseeing and shopping around the islands. b2ap3_thumbnail_Diving-And-Cruising.jpg
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