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Caribbean Dreamy Holidays - Holiday Planning For Couples

Caribbean Dreamy Holidays - Holiday Planning For Couples

It doesn’t matter if you're a new couple or a pair of old lovebirds – at some point, you’re going to want to organise a romantic trip away together. It can be difficult to know where to start. Planning a holiday for two is tricky. What if your partner doesn’t like the romantic hotel you’ve booked? What if they want to play tourist all fortnight and you just want to spend time together in private? What if it ends up being a disaster and you come home resenting each other? 

The latter problem is, fortunately, very rare. Couples who can get along well for a week or two spent constantly together, tend to be very strong indeed. There’s nowhere to hide on holiday. You and your partner are likely to be together 24 hours a day, so it’s important to plan a trip that incorporates both of your personalities and hobbies. This isn’t half as difficult as it sounds – all it takes is a little care and consideration. Here’s how to plan a dream holiday for you and your loved one. 

Decide On A Location

As you can probably guess, location is key. If you’ve got the money and the adventurous spirit – why not splash out and tick a destination off your bucket list? Thailand, Mexico, Peru and New York can all be extremely romantic places to visit and spend time. If you fancy something a little more humble, stick with a European getaway, says travel website Europe has some of the most romantic destinations in the world, you know. It’s important that you decide on a location that you’ll both enjoy, so do discuss the matter at length. Try to arrive at a compromise, if you can’t quite decide on a favourite destination. But beyond all other destinations the Caribbean can be the best destination for a romantic holiday for many reasons mostly that you won't find it too busy at all.

Lounging Or Leaping?

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A Backpacker's Checklist

A Backpacker's Checklist

Backpacking might be exotic, but it isn’t always easy. There are long bus journeys in sweaty, cramped conditions, hostel bathrooms that really aren’t as clean as promised and dark nights in the middle of nowhere with little to do. It’s a good life, but it’s a tough one. 

When your home is on your back and your bed is wherever you can find it, unexpected things tend to happen. A bout of food poisoning or a nasty cut, even a bad hangover, can turn into a major situation if you haven’t got the tools to deal with it. If you are currently backpacking or you plan to be backpacking soon – it is absolutely vital that you take certain items with you. 

Here are a just few of the most important items on a responsible backpacker’s checklist. If they’re not on yours – add them. 

Money Belt 

No, it's not a bum bag. Yes, it is unfashionable. Nevertheless, it’s a necessity. When travelling, it’s vital that you do not carry all of your valuables in one bag or pocket. If you are targeted by a pickpocket, it is highly unlikely that he or she will have time to check more than one of your pockets. The theft or loss of any valuable item can be frustrating, but the loss of them all can be devastating. Carry money in a securely fastened belt that hangs close to the body. If it makes you feel safer, wear it under your shirt or jacket. Always separate your money and your passport. It can also be a good idea to carry a small amount of emergency cash in a separate bag or pocket. Avoid accessing this money in public – you never who’s watching. 

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