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Utila Activities and Things to do

Utila Activities and Things to do

Scuba Diving In Utila - Famous for whale sharks to the degree that several centres for study have been set up there. Also famous for being one of the cheapest places to learn to dive with PADI in the world. Potential PADI recruits are even offered free accommodation off the ferry. This is too hot to refuse for many backpackers quite rightly linked with cheap eating and parties the island is a backpacker hotspot and on the central america trail.

Raving at Sun Jam - Once a year a big party happens on a deserted cay requiring a short boat trip and a love of dancing. Go discover Sun Jam

Kite and Wind Surfing - If you know where equipment can be rented let us know.

Open Water Swimming - the waters are kind around the bay islands which means there are no excessive rip or other currents normally. You should take regular precautions against the hazards of currents and boat traffic however. Bee seen and drag a small inflatable behind you like a sausage if you are going out far.

Kayaking - Here is a tour offering kayaking if you don't want to at least get started on your own.

Hiking - Walking

Bird Watching

Lizard watching Ctenosaura bakeri unique to this area. Thanks for the image use.

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